At Wagner Tarps, we can create a high-quality custom-made mesh or vinyl tarp for you based on your needs. Our tarps can be customized by size, shape, and color. Our tarps can be custome-made to fit your dimensions. We offer both locking style and ratchet style tarps. All of our tarps have a reinforced front and tail. Our tarps are designed to withstand everyday wear-and-tear, as well as severe weather conditions. To ensure that every tarp we make has a secure seam, we use a heavy-duty thread and locking stitch sewing machine. For added strength, all of our vinyl tarps have heat sealed seams. To reinforce durability, every tarp that we make has 30% more grommets than the industry standard. Contact us today to order a custom-made tarp.

  • Roll Tarps
  • Lumber Tarps
  • Steel Tarps
  • Smoke Tarps
  • Automatic Tarper Tarps
  • Landscaping Tarps

Color Options

Our tarps are available in wide variety of colors. Tarps constructed with American material are available in black, blue, red, green, maroon, yellow, and gray. Tarps constructed with imported materials are available in black blue, red, green, gray, and white.*

*Subject to Change