Looking for tarp and trailer hardware products? We have you covered. Wagner Tarps has a wide selection of tarp and trailer hardware products. If you’re looking for a product that isn’t listed below, please contact us.

  • Roll tarp hardware for both locking style and ratchet style roll tarps
  • Made-to-order 7/8″ solid aluminum bows
  • Bow Pockets – Medium ( Bolt on style) and Heavy ( Weld on style)
  • Ratchet and Lock style tarp parts
  • Roll tarp pipe for ratchet style and locking style tarps
  • Anchor pipe, 7/8″ Solid aluminum bows made to order to match your trailer
  • Tarp stops – Swivel, Flat and Quick release (available in aluminium and rubber)
  • Ratchets and straps
  • Master Bow with Fabric cap
  • Latch plate and roll returns
  • Flex cranks (locking style tarp)
  • Short cranks (front roll systems
  • Long cranks (standard trailers)
  • Extra long cranks (high sided trailers)